Friday, June 18, 2010

Review Forex Trade

This is like fuel for Usd and it effect all pair especially eur/usd and gbp/usd. Last friday the report came out a mixed bag. People are confused and the price swing up and down. I was on the losing side of the trade but because of the swing at certain point I was 30 pips up but because Marketiva usually lock out during news hour, I finally end up at a lost. Well its forex anyway. If you dont lose in forex you dont feel the thrill.

Anyway Im going to review few pairs. Maybe some of you can find a trade from my review. As for me I am currently out of the market waiting for it to come to sense. Currently all pairs are at extreme oversold or overbought.

Currently at 1.2532 after a drop of almost 200 pips. Currently its on a thin downtrend with a possible target of 1.2450. For those of you who are already on a short position, you may hold the position with trailing stop loss of your choice. For me I will only consider an entry at 1.2450, that will depend on the strength of the momentum.

Currently at 1.8540 and just like eur/usd it drop like a rock during NFP report out. Possible target is 1.8200. Looks like a retrace coming soon. Just watch the trend and momentum for possible entry. I will be looking at this one.

Currently at 1.1330. My last signal manage to get me 30 pips. Too small for the effort. Currently going up with possible target of 1.1450. Overshot all indicators. Possible retrace at 1.1360. I will be watching this one.

This is my review. Its not a trade recommendation. Be very carefull on your trade coz forex is a risky market. If you are not sure better stay out until the market make some sense. Happy trading.

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